The Merry, Merry Month Of May!

We made it to May! It opened yesterday with snow flurries when I walked the dog! Of course, this is the midwest, and that’s how the weather goes! I’m from Michigan, so Indiana weather isn’t a surprise to me!

The lilacs are trying to bloom, but they are freezing! I’ve noticed tulips and daffodils and the grass turning green!

My husband has been finding mushrooms! He’s going to surprise his dad with them to fry!

Neighbors and kids have been venturing out on the few warm days we’ve had so far. I hear lawn mowers almost as early as I hear birds when I’m out walking early in the morning.

Soon we’ll be in the midst of hot summer days. Frosted car windows, and seeing our breath in the air will be a faded memory. The scents of barbeque grills, baseball games, and summer rain will fill the air.

The world’s issues will take a small step into the background, as we once again break free of winter’s grip. It’s a time to refocus on what’s important to us. For each, it’s different.

Look around you, examine your life. Your goals, dreams and ambitions. Are you making the most of this spring? The time of rebirth, renewal, fresh starts?

I would challenge you to look deep inside yourself, and discover what you wish to make of your life. Bloom like the spring lilacs, bring light and joy to your surroundings, share blessings. Be the change.

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