The Dandelion Picker: A Personal Memoir

Dandelion Picker

Have you ever believed your son was fine? Did you raise him to know right from wrong? Drugs are bad, stealing is not right? College is good and telling the truth is always better than lying?

Being a parent is tough! We are all told this from the start. It turns out that you can’t really make your kids, or anyone else for that matter, do anything they don’t want to do. You try your best and hope they listen, but sometimes they don’t.

This book is for any parent who feels as if they failed their child. You didn’t. Your children have their own journeys to follow, their own mistakes to make. God has the plan and we just need to believe.

This young man’s journey down a dark path of drugs, lies, failure and nearly losing his life in a horrific car accident brought his family to despair. His struggle to come back from a coma, a three-month hospital stay and having to learn basic skills all over, led his family to believe all the bad choices were over. But they weren’t. Follow Dawson’s journey to sobriety, acceptance, and the hope of a better life in this true account of his life.

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