Ok, we made it to June! We’ve had hot, dry days. The grass is brown, the crops are burning up as I type! Mother Nature is playing some severe games globally.

We hear almost daily about global warming, the effects of ‘man’, on the planet, due to our carbon footprint. But do we really listen? I see ads with polar bears in search of ice, as their natural habitat disappears. The jungles that provide for countless animals are dying, being destroyed directly by humans, or inadvertently by other things we do.

The signs are all around us, but do we do our part? Is there something you can do as an individual to help save the planet? I urge you to find ways to save what we’ve been blessed with.

Do you recycle? Great. Do you upcycle old things? Super. Do you share what you have with others, lend a hand? Any bit of personal philanthropy helps.

The Golden Rule does not only apply as to how we are to treat one another, but also in how we treat the earth. I watch as generations of new children come into the world, and wonder what will be here for them when they are grown.

Mother Nature has every right to throw us curveball, after curveball with how we have treated this world.

Be conscientious of your surroundings, of the ones you love, of the ones you’ll never meet. We are here to share with one another. Do your part.

Hopefully Mother Nature will bless us tomorrow with the rain we so desperately need. Thankful for blessings, no matter how big or small.

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