Soaking up summer!

Summer is rolling by quickly, and I hope you’re soaking it up before it’s time to dig out the winter boots again!

Usually, I detest the summer heat! 80’s, 90’s, humidity through the roof, blazing sun and burning hot sidewalks! I usually complain and wish the days away til fall comes with turning leaves, brisk breezes and chilly rain!

Something has changed though! Is it because last winter AND the winter before, seemed to drag on eternally? Or is it that I have time this summer, to really enjoy the sunshine and hot temperatures?

This summer I’ve finally had time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak! Daily walks, sometimes two or three a day, allow me to really look at the wild flowers and cornfields I pass every morning. I’ve noticed the birds, squirrels and deer at the birdfeeder. There are several rabbits too, that sometimes let me get almost close enough to touch, before they dash off into the corn! If I get out the door early enough in the morning, fireflies are still throwing their lights all around the yards! They are the most fascinating little bugs!

Walking the neighbor’s dog, since Joe is still recovering from ACL surgery, has allowed me to meet lots of people in my neighborhood. They’re used to seeing me with Joe, but not Cloud the husky so much! It’s nice to stop and chat.

Then there are the street cats that I faithfully feed every day. It makes me very sad to see so many stray cats around the neighborhood, but I can’t afford to have them all fixed at the vet. So I feed them. I think I probably feed about 25 cats a day. They come running at me in droves! I think they’ve told all the cats that I’m the nut who feeds them every day! They hear the jazz music coming from my phone and they know I have food. Some are quite friendly, while others only come close enough to get some food. I gave them all names and I look forward to seeing them each day. I wish there was a way to catch them all and get them to a vet for care.

Summer sunshine lets us breathe a little easier, take things a little slower. We aren’t rushing out to scrape windshields, shovel driveways and take extra time to get where we’re going. At least, that’s how I feel. I’ve taken time to lay in the sun and read books I’ve read countless times, yet I still turn the pages as if I don’t know what happens next.

I’ve been blessed with the publishing of my book ‘Letting Go’. It’s a fictional story, based on what I know of the birth mother who gave me up for adoption. I’ve now written a new book called, ‘Another’s Child.’ It’s the story of my parents’ journey of adopting me. Most of it is fictional, but some parts are true. This book is currently in editing and should be published by mid August.

I’ve another story in the works and hopefully it will continue to tell me how it goes and I’ll be able to share it with you! That’s how writing works for me. Stories tell themselves to me and I type them!

Please enjoy summer, as we are rolling quickly toward August! Although with the hot temperatures, I’m sure we’ll have a long time left until the coats, boots, hats and gloves are hanging on the coat hooks again!

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