So the Queen has passed!

Queen Elizabeth The II, as she has been referred to, among other titles, has left this world as we all have been hearing for several days now.

You can’t turn on the news without seeing constant live stream coverage, or a loop of her life and 70 year reign of the Queen of England, among other countries around the world.

I must admit, not being British, (although has me at about 33% English), I don’t have an extensive knowledge of all the Queen’s history.

I do know, that for as long as I can remember of course, Elizabeth has been the Queen of England!

Over the years, people such as Elizabeth have marked time in the lives of those who have also lived during her reign and several decades before, up till current day!

What I mean by this is, Queen Elizabeth was a constant. Always there in the background of my life. From time to time I’d hear a blurb about her. See a celebration or something about her on TV, or in a magazine. Of course there were the Diana years and the drama and heartbreak of all that. I do distinctly recall her giving the slightest of nod’s as Diana’s casket passed her on the street. For me, I thought the Queen had treated Diana quite unfairly all those years. But that’s another story.

Other constants in the time period of my life that I suppose I’ve taken for granted are people like, say, Mick Jagger. He’s always been the face of The Rolling Stones. Steven Tyler, head of Aerosmith, Elton John, and Madonna, to name a few musicians.

Movie stars that seem to live forever in my mind are people such as Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford and Chevy Chase. Also, just a few.

The famous ones who’ve touched our lives, who seem to be somewhat solid rocks, that will always ‘be there for us’, do pass away at some point. As we all will one day.

When someone like Queen Elizabeth passes away, at the grand age of 96, it makes you pause and think about all the things you’ve seen in your own lifetime so far. You may be in your 20’s, or your 40’s. Some of you may be much older than that. We should take the time to live in the moments of our own histories, savoring the seasons of the here and now.

Enjoy those movie stars in the magic they create. Sing along with the radio when your favorite artist belts out their latest tune.

I think there will be many changes now that Charles has become King. Some will be good, others maybe not so good. Change riles peoples’ attitudes, and causes unrest. Change can be difficult, but it also means progress at many levels.

I’ve asked many of my friends what they think about the Queen’s passing. Most of them feel she had a long life and it wasn’t a big surprise. Of course it wasn’t, at her age and losing her beloved Phillip just a year and a half ago took a lot out of her I’m sure.

I do think however, that the USA will see and experience shifts, however slight, or intense now that there is a new monarch in the palace across the pond.

I would encourage you to take a few moments to watch a little bit of coverage of the Queen’s funeral with all the pomp and circumstance. I wonder if she really wanted all that attention after she passed.

I shall miss hearing about her from time to time. Although I imagine there will be coverage of her for decades to come, as there still is for dear Diana. And Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, George Michael and so many others that spanned the world with their fame, whatever it may have been.

So God bless you Queen Elizabeth, I do believe you shall be missed.

Please remember to tell the ones you love that you love them as often as you can.

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