Reveling in Mid Summer!

Ahh, it’s the center of summer, finally!! I was really unsure if winter was EVER going to end this year, and last year too for that matter!

Even though it did finally end, I was actually wearing winter gloves on my early morning walk in late June! It’s nice to have cool mornings now and then, especially since we’ve had so many days this summer so far, well into the 90 degree range!

I’ve been enjoying nature a lot this summer and trying to notice something new on my daily walks. Sometimes I get out before dawn and the fireflies put on a show for me! It’s so peaceful and refreshing, a lovely way to start my day!

Bright orange day lillies, Queen Anne’s Lace and itty bitty daisies, lean toward the morning sun and watching how they change even in one hour on my walk, is amazing to me and I can’t get enough of Mother Nature’s show!

The corn is way over my head, brilliant green and reaching for the sky! I love to see the growth nearly daily. A little bit more rain would help the crops out a lot, but that’s something out of our control.

The 4th of July has come and gone, however fireworks shoot off daily in my neighborhood. I see so many kids playing outside, swimming in their pools, jumping on trampolines, riding their bikes and playing ball. It’s comforting to see them enjoying their young lives, while the world sinks deeper and deeper into chaos. It’s difficult to not think about the atrocities happening in our world currently, and perhaps that’s why I’m appreciating nature more than usual this season.

With many sunny, hot days yet to come this summer, I hope you all take the time to notice the small things. Live in the moments. Hug your loved ones a little tighter and pay it forward in some small way each day to help someone else.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and drink lots of water!

Happy Mid Summer!

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