Random Thoughts for the Weekend

Good morning everyone! The weekend has arrived!

I’ve had a few questions from friends, asking how I choose topics to blog about. Since I’m just getting started with my website, I am writing about things that interest me, or situations I’m experiencing. Inspiration comes from many areas.

It’s been a big news week with the inauguration. Many changes on several levels that will take time to play out and results to be tracked. I do have to say that it’s wonderful to see a woman in the role of vice president. This shows how far our country has come! It truly wasn’t that long ago that women weren’t even allowed to vote, let alone hold the office of vice president! I wish Kamala Harris well, and I’m looking forward to see what she does.

The winter blues hover across January and February. The weather, the landscape, and COVID-19, still running a lot of the show. It’s taxing and tiring. We all experience it. I’m looking for topics that will encourage and inspire. Please throw some out there that we can talk about!

I would, however, like to touch on a moment that did bring sadness. The loss of Henry-Hank Aaron. Those of you that are of an age that remembers him, can relate! If you’re too young to know who Hank Aaron was, I hope you find time to watch the news today. He had an extraordinary career and dealt with racism and discrimination with grace and forgiveness. I have a distinct memory of watching him break the home run record with 755 home runs! My mom, brother and I watched it on tv, spellbound and in awe. God Bless you Hank!

On a lighter note, I posted about pets yesterday and really would like to see photos of your pets! I’ll be putting some photos up soon as well!

It might be cold out today, but the sun is shining! Have a great weekend everybody! I look forward to hearing from you!

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