October first!

October is my favorite month! The temperatures come down, the leaves turn beautiful colors, I finally get in the mood to wear jeans and boots! Bath and Body starts selling the BEST scents in all their products and all the varieties of apples are available!

Halloween is my most favorite holiday, even though we don’t really do anything to celebrate it! When the kids were younger, we’d go to the state park with the rest of the county and would spend all weekend out there! Well, they camped, while I would come home at night to indoor plumbing and my warm bed!

I have memories of Halloween as a kid, enjoying dressing up and collecting my share of candy in the bright orange plastic pumpkin! Inevitably, the black plastic string would break, candy would spill out on to the sidewalk, and there would be tears! Once I fell off a neighbor’s porch! Cartwheeled into a picker bush! I was probably five or six! I remember worrying that my costume was torn! of course it had snowed that year, so I had on a parka over my frog costume and just got wet and dirty!

I grew up in mid Michigan, which has the same weather as Indiana. You never know if you need suntan lotion, or a parka for Halloween! I had to dress my own kids in parkas sometimes for Halloween, but it never stopped the fun!

Scary movies are my favorite and the original Halloween STILL scares me to this day! No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still feel my heart race when Michael Myers is on the move! Much like when I watch JAWS! Still, scary! Still, never go in the ocean! Or lakes! You never know! Ha ha!

Fall is a beautiful time of year and a busy time for farmers like my husband. They’re in the field and working the long hours. Give them a wave when you see them. They’re feeding the world and sometimes we need to show them a little more appreciation, instead of complaining about how slow they drive their equipment on the roads.

Take a walk, take in the exquisite scenery Mother Nature is throwing at us! Enjoy the brisk weather before the cold winter winds blow in!

Welcome to October, the best of the ‘ber’ months, in my opinion!

Remember, it’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

My Thackery Binx, along with Big Joe.

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