November’s Music

As I gaze out my living room window today, the sun is bright, but the wind is howling.

As I know from my early morning walk, bundled in snow pants, heavy coat, hat and mittens, the cold weather of November, heralding in winter is fast approaching.

I take this blessing of a seasonal change, along with the time change back to natural time, as opposed to Daylight Savings Time, (which I hate by the way, but that’s another story), I find comfort in the passing of summer, to fall, to winter.

The music of crickets, early birds and tree frogs, has changed to the calls of crows and other birds I don’t know the names of. Leaves rustle in the predawn winds, flags on poles and wind chimes in trees flap and clang with the cold wind that seems to change direction a million times when I walk in the morning with Big Joe the yellow lab!

Sometimes it seems with each corner I turn, the wind turns to hit me full in the face! Other times it seems to be at my back for the whole four mile walk.

The air is quieter this time of year and into winter, unless the wind is blowing. I watch the shadows and listen for the many street cats I toss dry cat food to every day. They come running as much to see Joe and get a pet, as they do the food I give them.

I always have my music playing on my phone to keep me company and help me get through the sometimes seemingly endless four miles I set as my daily goal. (Then I try to walk Cloud the husky his four miles each day that I am able to as well).

Currently, the Charlie Brown Christmas music plays on my phone, interspersed with other old, holiday music, mostly instrumental. It takes me back to when I was young, when our kids were little, holiday time with family. Tender memories that make me smile and sometimes cry.

My morning walks, even though some days are bitter cold with wind, driving snow or rain, help me to focus on what is important to me. What will help my family, my friends, my community and myself. I take ideas that come to me on my walks and see if I can implement them into my daily life.

The music of November will quickly become the holiday music of December. January and February speak loudly with their bitter cold storms and wind. They are sometimes the hardest of months to get through. So that’s when I try extra hard to meet goals that I’ve set on my quiet early walks.

of course many years ago, Guns N Roses put out a song called Cold November Rain, with quite an intense video to go along with it! Every once in awhile, it serves to hear the heavy metal music to remind me of those days, being younger and finding my way.

I’m still finding my way and I think we all ebb and flow with the paths of our lives. Let the music from nature and your devices remind you of what has passed and what is present. Listen for your future and appreciate your life.

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