News Headlines

We see them every day on our newsfeeds. I’m excited in the morning, having my first cup of coffee, turning on my laptop to see what’s new.

To preface the above statement, my day starts around 4am. Why? Who knows, it’s just when I wake up every day! I’m careening toward the senior kind of life that starts that early, moves to the Early Bird dinner special at 4:30, and in bed by 7. Heck, I usually head upstairs around 7:40pm! But I digress!

When I sit down with my first cup of coffee, I check all the daily headlines. It’s great to see the happy stories, but then there are the hard news stories. I click to the next one and it’s as if it’s trying to out-do the one before, with even worse news!

This is becoming a trend in my daily morning routine and I’m tired of it frankly!

On top of one sad, angry, painful news story after another, winter seems to continually drag on and on. I’m tired of pulling on snow pants, boots, gloves, hat and parka every morning. Jeans and sweaters, boots of every sort. Washing the road salt and sludge off my car weekly, but it’s too cold to vacuum it out and wipe it down inside.

The dreary days, one after another, are taking a toll and exhausting.

I’m ready for spring, but I still haven’t seen a robin! Have you? I’ve seen bunnies and a few buds on trees. So that’s encouraging.

Spring and summer merchandise is showing up on store shelves. The sun sets a little later each day. I’ve seen tulips and hyacinth plants for sale and the seed packet stands are out in stores as well.

So while it’s STILL February, March is nearly here. Let’s keep looking for signs and still appreciate the beauty of winter! I do enjoy the sparkle on fresh snow. I do enjoy moonlight framing the bare tree branches. I do enjoy snuggling on the couch with a soft blanket and maybe a kitty!

But I’m ready to put the coats, boots and mittens away! Come on Spring, get here soon!

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