Newness of Spring

Finally spring has arrived. Of course, a few days of chilly weather here and there will continue for awhile, just to remind us that we aren’t in charge of the calendar vs the actual weather!

Spring is a time of renewal for so many things. We seem to blossom with the flowers. Some of us run like dandelions, trying one new thing after another. Chasing school dreams, careers, love. Whatever it is that awakens us in spring.

This time of year lifts our spirits. The brown grass turns green, almost overnight. The trees are sprouting their leaves, and I have even seen the lilac trees starting to bud!

Fall and winter, the dark days, cold air, sometimes snow and bitter wind, can make even the most upbeat of people, retreat inside themselves, and lose sight of the future.

So spring represents growth in many ways. The earth refreshes itself, as do we. The sun and warmth return. We enjoy the blooms of fresh spring flowers. We see more people, as we venture out of the house when the weather warms up.

Take in the newness of spring. Share the positivity with others. Pay it forward to remind others that there is still good in this troubled world. Make a point to say something positive to someone. Family, friend, or neighbor. Even a stranger. Wish them well, lend a hand.

We have been blessed once again, with a new season. Remember to be thankful for that. Be kind to others.

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