New Year’s Day 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Are you ready for a new year? What’s on your horizon?

Maybe you’re about to start a new career, or retire! Start school or graduate college.

Getting married? Having kids? Finished growing your family and ready to embark on new adventures?

Whatever your plans are, great them with an open mind and heart! We all know how quickly time passes, as here we are, another New Year’s Day nearly over!

The past two years with the explosion of Covid 19 has had the world spinning in hundreds of directions, trying to find our footing, making decisions about vaccines and whether or not to wear a mask and go places.

It’s been challenging and exhausting, but the human spirit continues to push forward, determined to beat this disease and find better headlines to talk about!

This past year in our family brought many exciting changes and challenges, keeping us all on our toes!

Dawson has continued healing from his accident three years ago. He has changed his attitude and outlook in wonderful, positive ways. He’s working part time and volunteers in the community. It has been a blessing to watch him grow.

Rachel completed her bachelor’s degree in three years and graduated with that in May. This coming May, she will graduate with her Master’s Degree in Philanthropy and get married! She achieved a goal of being chosen as one of the 33 Indy 500 Festival Princesses and has made lifelong friendship and forever memories.

Tony and I continue to navigate our days and rolling with the punches as best we can! It’s weird that he isn’t farrowing pigs anymore. He’s been out of that for a year now, but it’s still odd. I miss it some, but not the smell of pigs!

We no longer have any chickens or bunnies. They’ve all passed on and the hen house stands empty in the yard.

Sweet kitty Binx is probably sixteen now and is visibly slowing down. Simba, AKA Gary, (Because his miaow sounds very much like Gary the snail from Sponge Bob), continues to be as odd as ever!

Big Joe at 2 1/2 still acts like a puppy, although he’s had a rough time with a stressed ACL joint for quite some time.

I’m hoping to find more time to write this year, as it is enjoyable for me and cathartic in many ways. My publisher, John Paul Owles has asked me to be a part of the Owl News Network on line, writing articles from time to time, so that’s very exciting.

I hope whatever life brings you, that you keep in mind that life moves quickly. Be aware of this as you move about your days and activities. Find the things that bring you joy when you can. Don’t let the moments pass you by.

Blessings to everyone for a wonderful 2022.

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