New Horizons

Spring is for sure on the way now. I’ve seen robins and heard many birds singing on my early morning walks. I’ve even seen rabbits looking for the bird seed by the feeder. I’m told they’re around all winter, but I rarely see them.

The current situation in the Ukraine and Russia is throwing yet another curve ball at the world. The news is heart wrenching and I hope it’s caused all of us to take a deeper look at what is important and what is really fluff in our own little worlds.

I hope that we can all help in some way to alieve the pain of the innocent people trapped in the middle of the chaos. Maybe there’s a little extra money you can donate. Maybe there are some kinds of supplies that can be sent to those suffering. If you can’t do anything tangible, please pray for the lives being destroyed over what should never happen in the first place.

Hold your loved ones a little tighter. Show your children by example ways to be empathetic and generous in all they do.

Don’t take Spring for granted. We never know from day to day what will happen to us. Taking life for granted in general is an easy thing to do. Complaining that ‘It’s only Monday.’ When some people don’t have any more Mondays. I’ve been guilty of that statement countless times in my life and I’m trying to make changes to be more thankful for everything on my plate.

Thank the brave men and women who are serving when you see them.

God Bless you all.

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