New Book!

Just a few days ago, my first novel, Emery’s Promise was published! It’s available on Amazon in either paperback, or ereader form.

Writing a book is kind of like having a baby in an odd sort of way. First you have an idea. As you write, it grows and gets bigger. It evolves and moves in different directions, kind of like when the baby kicks and turns around in your belly!

Eventually it gets to the fine tuning spot. Edits and rewrites. Decisions on the cover, final decision on a name. It’s almost ready!

Then it’s ‘born’! You present it to the world so to speak. You hope you’ve ‘taught’ it well and people enjoy its ‘presence’. You hope to get positive feedback on the time you spent growing your story!

I hope you have time to check out Emery’s Promise on Amazon and let me know if you purchase and enjoy it!


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