New book thoughts.

Here we are in the middle of August already! School started this week around here and it’s had me thinking about writing a new book!

Currently I have two fictional stories I’ve been working on, off and on for awhile now, but they’re not really keeping my attention. The stories are fun to write and a great way to unleash my creativity.

I’ve often wondered where my interest in writing originated. Some people are athletically gifted, others quite book smart. Some people are driven to adventures and travel. Others have a knack for business, or a career that seems a perfect fit.

I’ve never fit in to any specific niche. I enjoy writing, obviously. But I also enjoy fashion, decorating, doing floral arrangements and art in general. Another part of me has a huge heart for animals and their welfare. Animals are pure, with no agendas. They deserve our respect and love.

Sometimes I feel like I’m right where I belong in a small community, living in the country and the rural areas in general. Other times, I yearn for the city, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans. I miss city life now and then and wonder how different my life would be if I’d stayed in the urban areas of the country.

Where do we get our personalities from? How closely related are our adult lives to that of our parents’ lives and influences from them? Do you live anywhere near where you grew up? Do you have family all around you? Are you content with where you are?

All these questions are prompting me to write more non fiction. Specifically about adoption. This is because I was adopted as an infant and grew up in a town much smaller than the one I was actually born in.

I’ve wondered over the years how different my life would have been if I’d not been adopted. Where would I be? Would I have taken different paths? Where would I be now? How much did being adopted affect my life?

I want to share my adoption story and connect with others who have also been adopted. There are so many questions and limitless answers. My hope is for adoptees to know that they count. If you’re adopted, you’ll understand what that means.

Please let me know if you’re an adoptee, or if you have adopted a child!

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