Have you ever noticed what a huge part music plays in your life? It means different things to each person and can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Maybe when you clean house, you turn on some dance music, or rock and roll.

If you’re having a barbeque, you might have on country, or even heavy metal, depending on who is attending your barbeque!

Maybe when you’re washing your car, you have some disco playing to keep you motivated! Does anyone listen to disco anymore? I do, I love disco and I’m not afraid to admit it!

When I write, I listen to soft jazz on Pandora. It’s relaxing and allows me to concentrate on what I’m doing! Soft jazz also makes me think of being in a high end hotel lounge in Chicago on the river! Sipping a fancy drink and taking in the atmosphere.

Music can take us to long ago memories of events, seasons and childhood. It can take us to future plans, or help us deal with emotion.

The entire time Dawson was in the hospital, I listed to the soundtrack from “Field Of Dreams.” Every time I made the drive to South Bend, from Star City, I had the CD on a loop, just playing that music over and over. It is entirely instrumental. I would notice leaves blowing, or snowflakes falling in time to the music on several tracks. A flock of birds would take flight and fly in patterns that weaved through the comforting piano, violin and other intruments.

Looking back, I should have inclued the “Field Of Dreams” soundtrack the acknowledgement section of my book, “The Dandelion Picker.” That music comforted me during what has been the darkest time of my life, up to this point! I knew it was there, it was concrete, I could count on the notes, the chords and melodies to be there, every single time I pressed play on the CD player. Everything else in my life was completely out of control and I had no idea if my son would live or die, but I knew I could count on that soundtrack to comfort me, any time I needed to hear it.

Perhaps I’m a geek, in that I listen to movie soundtracks when I watch a movie. I’m very interested in the music they set to the scenes. I have purchased many CD’s of movie soundtracks over the years. Some are dissapointing, others have just one track that I like, but I still listen to them.

Others I have in my little collection are, “The Preacher’s Wife.” No one ever had, or ever will, sing like Whitney Houston. God bless her beautiful soul. She took so many wrong turns in her short life. I’m still so sad that she is gone. Her voice was called, “The Voice.” I can’t argue with that. That movie was touching and sweet as well. Who doesn’t love Denzel Washington, after all!

“The Father Of The Bride.” Another favorite movie. I know Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy were in the original, but I’m talking about Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams version from the early 1990’s!

I just LOVE that movie. If you’ve never seen either movie, I highly recommend it! My favorite track on that CD is “The Way You Look Tonight.” Sung by Steven Terrell. I read somewhere that he is referred to as the Wedding Singer. Not to be confused with the movie of the same name! He has a voice that couldn’t be any more romantic! Reminds me of Michael Buble!

I also purchased, “The Bridges of Madison County” CD. I really only care for the first track, which is the theme song, but I’ll listen to all of it now and then.

“One Fine Day,” also has a great soundtrack! Natalie Merchant’s rendition of the title song is beautiful. I love it!

It’s interesting to me, how music can change your mood, lift you up, make you cry, make you dance, make you sing along. Take you to destinations in your imagination.

What a beautiful gift God gave to those who can sing and play instruments, and to those who built the instruments! I’m not at all muscially inclined, so I think that makes me appreciate music even more!

Next time you’re channel surfing, or station surfing, find something you’ve never heard before, or let an old favorite weave through your memories. Let it put you in whatever frame of mind it takes you to and experience it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to listen to voices that are no longer with us. I have a particularly hard time listening to Prince, Whitney Houston, Eddie Van Halen and George Michael. I listen to them and miss and love them, along with so many others!

Sometime we’ll talk about movies! They are high on my list of things I enjoy! So many out there, you could never see them all!

Tell me about some music you enjoy and why! I’d love to hear about your favorites!

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