Moving Through March!

March is in full swing! It came in like a lamb, but I’m hoping it goes out like one too and not a lion! All in all, we’ve had quite the mild winter! Except for the holiday storm that dropped the temperature to arctic blast!

The robins are taking over my bird feeder, and I’ve seen shoots of daffodils here and there!

Spring gives us the fresh prospective of hope and new adventures! It seems that just when we’ve had enough of one season, the next one greets us with vigor!

My daily morning walks have been filled with an earlier sunrise and much song from the birds who are busy building their nests!

This is a grand time of year to try new things! The busyness of the holidays is past, summer activities haven’t begun yet. I urge you to look at something that interests you, and take a step toward a new goal or two!

I’m hoping very much this year to have a small vegetable garden! We had one years ago, but after a bit, let it go. I want to have it again and watch as tomatoes and lettuce grow! Some giant sunflowers would be very nice to have again as well!

Look at the resources around you that will benefit the earth, as well as you and your family. Appreciate the living things that grow no matter what seems to be happening in the world.

Share what you have with others. Whether it’s from your garden, your supportive friendship, or knowledge. Show your spring renewal in all you do!

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