Motivation. I hear that word a lot. We all need to get motivated to do things now and again. when our energy falls off, when we’re tired. When winter seems to never end!

I’m currently watching lazy snowflakes fall on the already deep snow we’ve had off and on for over a week now.

Which means, my motivation to accomplish things is almost non existant!

When I feel like this, I try to find inspiration to move forward! The Super Bowl last night was inspiring! Didn’t watch a lot of it, but enough to see all the players doing their best, going for the win!

I can’t imagine what it was like to attend. Cardboard cut outs filling the stands, along with the small crowd that was allowed to be there! Which actually was several thousand people, but that’s small by Super Bowl standards.

What kind of affect did that have on the players I wondered? Did they pay attention to the fans that were actually there? Was it more quiet than usual? I would think the cheering from the crowds would inspire and motivate the players. So was it different last night?

What are the Kansas City Chiefs doing today? What is their motivation like after the game last night? I’m not sure who I thought would win really, as I didn’t have a dog in that race, so to speak. However I didn’t expect a final score of 31-9! Nor did I expect a streaker to run around the field!

I’m sure Patrick Mahomes didn’t think the game would end up like it did, but when he spoke afterward, he was very graceful, humble and professional. Losing is hard on the daily, but I’m sure the entire team experienced many feelings regarding their heavy loss to the Buccaneers.

These individuals who are blessed with amazing athleticism, strive to make it to the pros and go to The Show. Every professional sport has a finale that is their goal.

So how do they cope when they don’t win? What motivates them and where do they get encouragment to keep going and power through til the next season? I’m sure they are asked this often in interviews.

The pandemic has forced the world to reroute, compromise and become creative to keep moving forward. For the Super Bowl to even happen, was motivating and inspiring!

Little things can sometimes inspire, as you gather them throughout your day!

Joe Dog inspires me every morning with his energy for our walk! He can’t wait to race around outside, play in the snow and find a stick to drag around! He doesn’t slow down the entire mile of our walk. Simple, happy.

Watching Dawson have his coffee, while talking loud and slow on the phone so Great Grandma Ethel can hear and understand his words inpires me to be more patient all around. Simple, happy.

My daughter Rachel motivates me to try more when she tells me about her college classes and how she uses what she’s learing as she pursues her studies in Philanthropy.

I check in with friends to see what they are doing. A lot of times, they are doing things that inspire me to try new things, tackle old things, or search for new ideas and challenges!

Lately, I’ve been volunteering at the Covid vaccine clinic in town. This has inspired me, because the people that come for the shots are hoping it helps bring the pandemic to an end. They want to live their lives, spend time with family, go places and do things that the virus has put on hold.

They tell you parts of their stories. Some are sad, others exciting and still others are inpiring and motivating. I enjoy chatting with all these folks. Several are veterans and it’s a blessing to thank them for their service to our country. I absolutely love volunteering there!

Let’s try to lift one another up as we continue to fight this pandemic. As we slide through the rest of winter! As we keep going forward in this world, adjusting, rerouting and surviving!

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