Mid Winter?

Is it mid winter now? Or is it almost over? Every year after the holidays, I always think spring is going to happen within a couple of weeks!

This year, I had the added element of a week long trip to Florida in mid January! Talk about confused! I got used to wearing sandals, shorts and sundresses very quickly on that 8 day trip!

Now we are back to freezing cold, snow, wind, sleet and even some rain. Sigh. Midwest winters can be very dreary!

However, it was grand to get away and visit our daughter and son in law! We had many adventures and made wonderful memories. It also has reminded me that we are to enjoy life. Not just plod through it, waiting for this or that to happen.

We must go in search of our dreams, interests and goals. It’s highly unlikely that they will come knocking on your door, or land at your feet.

In winter, we tend to hibernate to a degree, but it is easy to slip into unproductive routines, which can lead to depression and increase anxiety.

Since I’ve been home this last week, I’ve noticed that the sky is lighter later each day, just by a few minutes, but I know that spring is coming!

I ask you to change your routine a little bit, just to see what happens! I’ve changed mine a bit since returning and I’ve found that I feel happier, lighter, motivated and more relaxed.

Do enjoy what winter has to offer, as there are many things. Don’t let the gray skies get you down!

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