Mid July – self care!

Mid July. Wasn’t it just July 1st a couple days ago? It sure seems like it was!

As usual, summer is flying by! I’m one for fall and start looking forward to fall when I turn my calendar to December 1st! However last winter and the one before, seemed to carry on forever! So I’m enjoying the heat, humidity and bright, bright sun!

As the days rush by filled with work, activities and daily chores, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself!

As you soak up the summer sun and good times, along with staying hydrated and enjoying those summer barbeques, remember that self care also involves soaking up the memories you’re making for the long winter months just ahead!

For me, self care not only involves eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and walking, but creating memories with family and friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

As the kids have grown into adults, I recall the years when I was growing up. I think about family vacations, summer camp, or having a glass of iced tea with my mom. I took it for granted then. As if the days would continue forever. My mom was a teacher, so I had her all summer long! My dad worked at Dow Chemical, but he came home for lunch every day, so I had him around as well.

I remember when our own kids were little and the time we spent outdoors on the swing set, visiting family, fishing in the pond and the occasional bonfire.

These memories feed my soul and are a big part of my self care. I know now, to take the time to appreciate the little things that each season offers us.

Summer is passing quickly. Fireworks are over, August is on the horizon. We’ve seen Rachel a few times and that’s precious these days. Dawson continues to heal and as long as he lives with us, I’ll treasure his company. Tony and I celebrated 23 years of marriage last week! It has passed so quickly and I’m a lucky gal to have such a great guy!

Take care of yourself. Feed your soul with memories made. And be sure to drink lots of water!

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