Mid February!

We’ve made it through January and now halfway through the shortest month!

I believe spring is coming, as I’ve seen a few robins the last few days! And just now, in addition to a cold February rain, there was thunder to go along with it!

It’s amazing to me that once we get totally sick of a season, it starts to change into the next one! Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, but she also manages to throw a few curve balls now and then! Think: The freezing blizzard over Christmas!

Just as the seasons change in nature, seasons change in our lives as well. Sometimes we fight against change, because it’s scary and different. But change is necessary in order to move through the seasons of our own lives.

Some changes are subtle and we don’t notice them as much. Sometimes, however, change hits you right in the face, out of the blue. For us, it was Dawson’s accident four years ago and the evolving changes that continue to affect us and push us in different directions.

It’s important when your seasons change, to take a deep breath. Stand back, get out of your head for a little bit and look around. Learning to cope with sometimes hard challenges, cause us to take wrong paths, or narrow our vision, that can accidentally eliminate some choices we could make.

In this season of change, perhaps an early spring, despite what the Groundhog predicted, I urge you look over the last few months, discover events and situations that have caused you to redirect, rethink, or regroup. Look for the positives and navigate into the spring with eyes wide open! Those robins are out there.

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