Mid December Anticipation!

The days are ticking by! Some slower than others. A few racing at us so fast, you barely have time to breathe before it’s time to go to bed again!

Christmas arrives in 11 days! Are you ready? I always think I have one more week, one more week and then suddenly, BAM! It’s Christmas Eve!

I think the weather plays a part in the feeling that we have more time. Today for instance, it’s almost 60 degrees! We haven’t had snow to speak of really and the forecast isn’t calling for any!

Also, since my kids are grown, the focus of Christmas has changed from watching little ones opening gifts with awe, to spending time as a family, welcoming those who have flown from the nest and remembering those no longer with us.

The holidays are a time of happiness and sadness for me. My parents are long gone and my only sibling, my brother, has been gone five years now. I have so many memories of family Christmases and I miss them all so very much. It doesn’t seem right that they aren’t here.

But then I have my husband and my own two kids, young adults I suppose you’d call them now! I’m really blessed that Dawson lives here with us. I truly am. The circumstances that keep him here are hard, but it is a joy to have him right here, alive and safe.

Rachel has been out of the house since she left for college three short years ago! I don’t think I really believed that she was grown and off on her own, but she truly is. This will be the last Christmas for her as a single young adult, as she is getting married in the Spring. For me, the holidays will forever shift. I’m so excited to have a son in law, but it also means my baby is an adult with her own traditions to start and create memories with.

In fact, she won’t even be here for Christmas, they are coming on December 22nd and 23rd. Then they’re off to see his side of the family for a few days.

Dawson will have to work Christmas Day at the assisted living facility, so he won’t be here on Christmas Day either.

I hope to make the day special with just my husband and myself here to celebrate. Maybe it will be like when we were dating all those years ago, with just a few changes! The fireplace will be on, casting a warm glow into the room. He’ll cook an awesome meal, as he is an excellent cook and I hate absolutely everything about cooking. A dance in the living room to some quiet jazz, a phone call from Rachel and dinner with Dawson when he arrives home from work.

I’m sure we’ll have something special for Big Java Joe dog and cats Simba and sweet Binx. I often wonder how many more Christmases we will have with Binx. He’s probably 16 years old by now. He’s been here with us through so very many events! He’s the best ever. All my cats have been the best cat ever! I love them all.

So I hope all of you are anticipating a special time with your families and loved ones for the holiday season.

Hold them close, make the memories and tell them all how much you love them.

P.S. If you have time, search The Owl Network, as I have become a contributing writer to this online news network.

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