Lazy Days of Summer!

Summer is coming to a close. We all know this, so I hope you’re soaking up as much of the heat and sunshine that you can!

It’s been a hot and dry summer for the most part, which hasn’t been good for the crops. But it’s been a nice change from the very long and VERY cold winter we had!

I’ve noticed leaves changing quickly. The sun doesn’t rise quite as early. In fact, the sun and moon both seem to be in very different spaces in the heavens! One day this past week, I actually saw my breath in the morning chill!

So, the season is about to change and many people I know, myself included, enjoy fall the very most! Brilliant colors, relief from the extreme heat of summer, pulling out cozy sweaters and boots. The anticipation of Halloween, (for me anyway), Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays along the line!

This year however, for some reason, I’m not so eager to let summer go. I think it’s because winter did hang on so long this past year. The thought of coats, boots, mittens and hats, well, it’s just depressing! Tripping out the door at 5:30am in a sleeveless sundress is just so easy and comfortable!

On the flip side, I decorated my house for fall and yes, Halloween too, before July was over! The way I see it, it’s my house and it can be fall and Halloween in here year round if I want it to be! My window boxes are filled with mums in purple, red, gold and orange. Bright sunflowers and metal ears of corn! Sparkling golden leaves catch the sunlight and it makes me feel cozy! Even though I’m not quite ready to get out my sweaters!

Once again, I’m reminded how quickly time passes, seasons change, daily routines shift and we often barely notice. Soon we celebrate a new year arriving and look back at memories from the year before.

This year has been filled with huge events in our family and I’ve just been looking at some of the photos and remembering the moments that have meant so much.

I once again encourage you to take the moments as they come. Don’t rush them by, breathe and enjoy. But also, decorate for your favorite season whenever you want to! It’s your space!

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