January Blues, or is it January Bright Skies?

January. The let down month after all the holidays! It’s always a long month, filled with cold, wind and the dreariness of mid west winter.

However, it always passes into February with Ground Hog’s Day, Valentine’s Day and before you know it Mardi Gras and Lent for those that celebrate it.

I hope the holiday season was a blessing in your life. Another year with Covid taking a front seat to almost everything, can make it difficult to celebrate in a traditional way. I hope you were able to see your loved ones and attend gatherings safely.

I’ve been looking for the highlights to get through winter and I find little things that make it a little less drab and a little less bleak.

Cardinals, deer and sometimes the wild turkeys come to my yard to check out the offerings in the bird feeder! They are beautiful to watch and I marvel at their antics.

Every morning when Joe and I trek around the neighborhood for an hour in the dark, the little street cats greet us. They adore Joe, which is so fun to watch, as our two cats barely tolerate him! The kitties I call Stripey, Harriet, Dark Cali and my Little Moo come running for pets and the dry cat food they know I have for them every, single day. They never fail to bring a smile to my face.

I try to do little things to brighten others’ days. Holding a door open, noticing things about people and letting them know how much I like whatever that is, from a hair do, to a coat, their car, whatever it is.

Spring will arrive before we know it, followed by the hot days of summer! Living in the midwest brings all the seasons and I love each one. Fall is my favorite, as it is for so many people. The colors, smells, crisp air, cozy clothing and hot cider! The anticipation of Halloween to kick off the holidays!

After the hype of the holidays and start of the new year, it is hard to get excited about much. I would ask you to smile at everyone you meet. Or if you’re wearing a mask, nod a greeting, say hello. Brighten days for others and the sun will find you as well.

Today I’m traveling to Indianapolis to spend the day with my daughter and soon to be son in law. I’ll live on that sunshine for weeks to come! The blessing of spending time with my best girl and her wonderful man is truly wonderful.

Take care in this season of winter. Nature is at rest, but she gives us brilliant birds, sparkling frost and the promise of spring to keep us going.

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