This kind of goes with the Motivation post from a few days ago! Winter lingers on with all that cold air and swirling snowflakes! Simply waiting for spring!

A few people have seen robins. I have not. I do however, have gorgeous cardinals in my yard. They are brilliant against the snow! Even the female cardinals, with their warm brown feathers and hints of red. There’s a lone blue jay out there and a woodpecker that lives in the tree with the squirrels!

Riding out the winter days have me looking for inspiration! Today, I met my daughter Rachel in Kokomo. She lives in Indianapolis where she is a senior at IUPUI. I spent a brief few hours with her, shopping and talking.

Now that I’m back home on my couch, I am remembering things about Rachel that have inspired me. Public speaking is a thing she has always loved and participated in during her ten years in 4H. In her 10th and final year, she won grand champion in public speaking at the Indiana State Fair. I recorded her speech. It was quite inspiring. The 4H office posted it on social media and it had about 1,000 views. I watched it today and was reminded of things I can do to help out in my community and how inspiring every one of us can be.

My son Dawson is also inspiring to me. If you’ve read my book, The Dandelion Picker, you know the challenges he has faced, the choices he made and the consequences from those choices.

However now, he is sober and healthy. He is motivated to find a job and hopefully a career. He has ambition to go back to school, with the help of Vocational Rehab. Because he has some delays with his TBI from the car accident, he needs a little help here and there. He didn’t give up, or go backward on his journey! He also inspires me to reach higher and press forward!

Tell me who inspires you and how.

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