Inauguration Day 2021

So today was an exciting day! The Presidential Inauguration was today. I tuned in to watch the cars arrive with VIPs. It was so interesting to see all the work that goes into this day.

The lack of spectators was something I never expected to see at an inauguration. Between COVID-19 and protestors, it was the safest way to go. The flags there to represent, were a sight to see.

I wasn’t able to watch the ceremony, as today I volunteered at the COVID-19 shot clinic. That was exciting too! It was a full day of people preregistered, coming in to get their first vaccine! I was happy with my assignment to greet the people and direct them in filling out paperwork and moving to the check-in tables!

It was so nice to actually interact with folks and have conversation. Everyone had masks on, but you could see them smiling in their eyes. So far, people are enthusiastic about getting the vaccine and looking forward to their second round.

As everyone is hoping, I hope too, that COVID-19 exits soon. Hoping that this vaccine will eradicate this awful virus. The world is exhausted from it. So much death, frustration, and anger, escalates with each passing day. It was encouraging to see every person that came through the door of the clinic, wearing a mask, keeping social distance, using the hand sanitizer, and getting their vaccine. We have a common goal, and we are moving along quickly!

So today was an interesting day for me. How was it for you?  Did you watch the ceremonies? Was it just another day to you? Did you go to work, or school? Have you had your COVID-19 shot yet?

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