In the busy, busy month of May!

Here we are, halfway through May 2021 already! I’ve noticed how quickly this year is passing by things I encounter on the daily! The lilacs have all but disappeared! My winter coat is finding its way to the back of the closet and my tall winter boots are collecting dust!

It’s also the month of graduations! We’ve already been invited to three high school open houses! I’m also going to a wedding Memorial Day weekend!

Which brings me to the topic of my own daughter! Today she graduates from IUPUI with her bachelors degree in philanthropic studies! She’s graduating a year early, due to taking higher level classes, transferred high school credits and her near perfect GPA! She’s already got a year of her masters degree under her belt and will graduate next May with that!

We aren’t at her graduation today. Covid took that from us. No guests allowed! So it’s a bitter sweet graduation. Hopefully next year guests can attend the celebration!

Rachel herself isn’t even attending today! She chose to create an outreach at the Center of Wellness for Urban Women. As Rachel is an Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess this year, she is involved in several out reach activities! She has either created, or participated with other young ladies in helping out organizations, non profits and things that are near and dear to the princesses’ hearts to benefit them and the population at large!

I couldn’t be more proud of her for making a difference and spending time helping others.

Rachel has had quite the busy spring! Finishing up school and immediately starting summer classes! She also has a ton of things going on with the Indy 500 that only gets busier as the race nears! On top of all that, she just got engaged a couple weeks ago!

Son Dawson started a new job at Wynnfield Crossing assisted living over in Rochester! He’s a receptionist and will check your temperature when you come to visit! He’s hoping to become involved with the activities department too and interact with the folks who live there!

Dawson has discovered that he enjoys helping people sort out their problems and find the positives to strive for and learn new ways of coping with issues and challenges! He also spends as much time with grandma Ethel as he can. Now that the grass is growing, he’s been mowing the lawn for us and we truly appreciate him and all his help!

May has found me working at a new job! I am helping out at Country Color florist over in Francesville! It’s a lot of fun to design flower arrangements and learn new things!

Tony’s been in the field planting and it’s almost time to start spraying crops he said!

So this May has sprung spring and lots of other things on us! Many, many blessings. Challenges and smiles.

I hope you month of May has been delightful and filled with new and exciting things as well!

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