Hello! My name is Patricia Ploss

Welcome to my website! This is all new to me, and I’m hoping to provide you with interesting things to read, as well as inspire you during this time of tidal wave sized change!

On this website, you’ll find a blog with a different topic each week. You can send messages and suggest topics too.

You’ll also find the link to Amazon where you can purchase a copy of my book, The Dandelion Picker. I wrote this book about my son and his journey through drug addiction, a car accident that nearly claimed his life and his months of recovery.

Change, it happens constantly, inevitably. Good and bad, change never stops. From change, my son has turned the page into a healthier chapter, albeit a long one of refocusing and trying to find his way.

Through change, I discovered that I am a writer. Never believing it, having been told for years that I should write a book, I never had the courage to do it. Until change ultimately pushed me to write the words that filled my mind after the accident and all that followed and all that had happened before.

Change can be scary, but also exciting. After all, life is an adventure. We all have our stories and challenges through the years. How we cope and push through builds our character and encourages us to help others along the way.

This website will change and evolve, and I hope you’ll join me along the way.

Patricia Ploss has long been a storyteller. At the end of 2018, her son barely survived a horrific car accident. Patricia then put his story to paper and became the writer she was meant to be.

After having The Dandelion Picker memoir published, Patricia moved to writing fiction. In this, her first offering, Emery’s Promise, Patricia chose to write about an independent woman, who finds her way after personal loss.

Patricia, her husband Tony and two grown children, Dawson and Rachel, made their home in north central Indiana. Tony is a farmer, while Patricia enjoys volunteering, writing, and caring for their two cats and a dog.

Dawson continues to heal from his brain injury caused in the accident, and Rachel is a graduate student at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), majoring in Philanthropy.