Hello August!

Well, July zipped by in a hurry! Already it’s August. The Dog Days of Summer, as they say.

We have had our share of extremely hot days, that’s for sure! But, we all know what the sweltering days of August and September are ushering in!

Already I’ve seen orange and yellow leaves here and there, peeking out at the bottoms of trees and bushes I pass on my daily walks. The soybean leaves are just turning a bit yellow here and there too.

A few days ago, I felt the shift in the air. It’s a little early, but it’s happening. I wonder, what will the winter be like this year? Last year, other than the deep freeze for the holidays, it wasn’t too cold!

I’m hoping the earth gets the rain and snow it needs to nurture itself and sustain life. Please do your part to keep our earth alive. Whatever that is to you. Recycling, organic food and textiles, sharing with others, donating to research, or even just lending a hand.

The onset of a new season brings with it the excitement of fresh starts. School for some, maybe a new career for others. Holidays to look forward to. (Halloween for me!) A reminder that we can all make changes in our lives that will help us live better, smarter and healthier.

Savor the heat of August, as we’ll be missing it so much in January! Really take time to look at the late summer blooms of Queen Anne’s Lace, sunflowers, wild daises and day lilies. I’ve been enjoying the pink, white and lavender blooms of phlox! My dad grew them in our yard for decades. Their delicate summer scent is one to be relished. You can even pick a small bloom and taste the nectar at the end of the stem! Something else my dad showed me!

As always, with school coming up, be mindful of kids at bus stops. Give caregivers a little extra grace when you see them driving kids to school. Do that Pay It Forward thing and buy the coffee and breakfast for the car behind you in the drive-thru. Maybe it’s a mom who simply didn’t have time for her coffee this morning. Or kids that got up too late for a hot breakfast. Maybe it’s a farmer, headed to their farms to begin harvest. Maybe it’s a retired person, looking for someone to talk to. Or maybe, it’s someone just like you who needs to catch a little break. Just do it.

Welcome end of summer, it’s been a hot and mostly dry ride! We know you’ll give us some scorching days in September, and we’ll enjoy every minute of it, even though we’ll complain about it being chilly in the mornings and our sweaters have become too hot to wear! Thank you for brilliant days of sunshine, and all the fun that comes with the season!

Welcome fall……….

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