Harvest Time

Another harvest season is upon us. Out my front window I watch as the combine cuts this year’s beans. The dust rolls and encircles the farm equipment and I can see it heading toward the grass lane that separates the fields.

The deer and wild turkeys come to my bird feeder in the front yard daily to eat all the seed I leave there for the birds and squirrels.

My own farmer has been working late into the nights with several weeks yet to go. I don’t see him much this time of year. Just a hello in the morning before we both head off to work!

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The colors of the leaves as they turn. They even have a wonderful scent after they’ve been on the ground for awhile. Everything slowly goes to sleep for the upcoming winter.

It’s fun to see pumpkins on doorsteps, corn shocks tied to lamp posts and of course all the wonderful Halloween decorations! Halloween is my favorite holiday! Now that the kids have grown up, it isn’t as much fun, but I still love to decorate my house and enjoy the season.

Hopefully harvest is good this year for all the farmers that keep this country moving and fed. With all that is happening in the world right now, it can slip our minds about the role farmers play in our lives. We all have been behind a tractor, combine, or other farm vehicle on the road and it usually causes frustration. I am trying find my patience when I’m in a hurry on my way to work or the store. I remind myself that these men and women are feeding our world and I need to be mindful of that and thankful for them and all they do.

I hope you all are enjoying this autumn season and all it has to offer! I’m enjoying the scent of a fall candle and looking at my ceramic scarecrow with a lit pumpkin that belonged to my mom. It makes me smile when I recall seeing it in her house and how much she enjoyed it.

Stay safe everyone. Thank a farmer and enjoy Halloween! I hope you all get treats and not tricks!

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