Grace is something we all need to show everyone. With the repetitive days we experience a lot of the time, we can easily slip into taking advantage of the folks we are in contact with.

When the UPS person shows up, and it’s 95 degrees out, give that person a bottle of water, or a snack. They work hard and there’s no air conditioning in their big vans! I don’t know how they stay warm in the winter, but I like to give them a bottle of water, or a cup of hot chocolate.

When I see wait staff working hard for demanding customers, I will take a moment to ask them how they are and compliment their hard work.

Going to the dentist, or doctor, which isn’t high on anyone’s list, is a really good time to thank the folks that do their jobs so well! I’m sure they experience challenging patients on a regular basis. These individuals went to school for a very long time to get into the profession they want to be in. They deserve gratitude.

With times as tough as they are right now, between extreme weather conditions across the country, to intense political issues being fought over, we all should try to give one another a little more grace.

It can be fun to play a little game with yourself to see how often you can make someone smile and feel good. Whether it’s how well they have done their job, or what they’re wearing, any little thing.

Face it, there are jobs out there that just aren’t fun. But people do it anyway. I’m currently in a hospital and I made sure to thank the cleaning crew when they came in to clean the room. Also the dietary people, who bring trays of food. CNA’s and nurses work hard, and because so many people are in the hospital for serious things, or even little things, I don’t know if they get enough recognition, and respect due to them.

I urge you to take a moment to thank someone, or compliment someone the next time you have any kind of interaction. The world needs more kindness in it. More thoughtful experiences. So tell the next person who helps you, waits on you, cooks for you, whatever it is, thank them and mean it.

I’d like to thank the medical staff here for all of their help before, during and after my surgery. It can be difficult to let others take care of you, but they truly do care about the patients, or they wouldn’t be in the medical profession.

Give grace. Thank people. Compliment them for something, anything at all. They’ll smile and you’ll feel good too.

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