February Days!

Well, we’re rocking through February quickly already! The days are lasting an hour longer already they said on the news and so I’ve been watching that eagerly!

Today I found a blooming dandelion in my yard, so I know spring will be here soon! I hope!

This winter is passing quickly and while I’m looking forward to not having to wear a coat, hat, mittens and snow boots to brave the cold while dog walking, I am trying to appreciate the beauty of winter and remind myself not to wish away the days.

None of us know how many days we have and we need to try to live in the moments of each one. That can be hard during the seemingly endless cold and dreary winter days.

It helps to find new and different activities to keep the winter blues away. Try a new recipe, go to lunch with a friend, check out new businesses in your area, call a friend who lives far away.

Be thankful for the quiet time of winter when you can slow down a bit from the busier days of summer. Reflect on your life, think about your goals, move toward changing things you don’t like into things you love. You know what they are. Use the winter time to make the changes and move forward.

Enjoy the sparkle of the snow. The beauty of red cardinals at your feeder. Watch the full moon drift across the sky and try to spend more time with those you love when it’s too cold to run around outside!

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