Emery’s Promise

Emery's Promise

Emery Kincaid, independent realtor and recent widow, examines her life, determined to succeed and move forward, finds herself in an odd love triangle!

A dear family friend for years, Mark Stanton is a long-time architect. His feelings for Emery have evolved from friendship to something more. As he slowly courts her, plans to change his own career develop, as his heart opens to new love.

Bart Moorhouse, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has followed dark desires his whole life. Emery pops up on his radar. He finds himself obsessed with her. The more Emery refuses to engage and indulge him, the more Bart is determined to have and control her.

Emery’s determination to live might not be enough to save her from Bart’s dark and violent will. Will Mark get there in time to stop Bart from his evil mission?

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