Emerging Spring!

Today I noticed daffodils blooming! It might be just 33 degrees, but spring is definately headed our way! Finally! Ok, we really have had a mild winter, with the exception of the cold snap and storm at holiday time. But if you’re at all like me, you might be longing to hang up those winter coats, ditch the hat and mittens, and pull on shorts and tshirts!

It seems like when you’ve had all of a season you can possibly stand, the season changes, bringing different weather, a change of scenery, and a change of attitude!

Some of us thrive in the hot summer months, being out and about. Going places, doing more. Others thrive in the seasons of cold and darkness. It’s a balance that helps us all to work together.

For me, fall is still my favorite time of year and Halloween is the best. Winter used to be my second favorite, followed by summer and then spring. However, and maybe it’s because I’m getting older, summer follows fall in my favorites line up!

Spring and winter are toss ups! Winter is, well winter. You know the coat, hat, mittens and boots are nearly a daily thing. But spring. Well, one day it could be snowing, you might be slapping on suntan lotion the next day and digging out an umbrella the day after that. I prefer a more stable weather pattern!

It’s almost that time of year to go out and pick up sticks in the yard. No one’s favorite task! But I’ve noticed the grass is already greening up and the tireless dandelions are pushing through the grass. Wild rabbits have been at my bird feeder and the birds begin singing about 6am. So get ready everyone, summer time is coming!

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