Easter and the weather!

Well, what a difference a few days make! April First, we woke up to an inch of snow on the ground and blustery winds! Today, I’d have put on shorts if I were a person who wears shorts! Which I am not!

What a beautiful day for Easter. Easter is a holiday that’s celebrated quite differently, depending on who you are! Some families are all about sunrise church service, while others are all about the bunny!

Our family has been both over the years. Now that the kids have grown up, they have their own beliefs and feelings. I’m more spiritual than religious, and I don’t care for organized religion, so I don’t attend church.

Each day I pray and I read two devotionals. I don’t reference to the Bible when I read them, I simply read them and think about what they say. I feel good when I pray before bed each night. Sometimes I’m on my knees for quite awhile. There’s so much to think about when I talk to God. But it makes me feel better. I feel hope. Sometimes anxiety about whatever it is I’m stressing about doesn’t seem to totally go away, but I remind myself that whatever is meant to happen, will happen and it will work itself out eventually.

We’ve had a long winter it seems, but we say that every year don’t we? I think we are anxious for the snow and cold to leave. We want to see the grass turn green and the leaves return to the trees. Blossoming flowers and honey bees, if there are any!

Spring seems to take its time. Everything looks tired, dull and dirty until it all turns lush shades of green and all the flowers that go with it. I saw some dandelions already in the field. Mommy flowers I’ve heard them called. They have a special meaning to me as you know.

So today, on this lovely Easter Sunday, let your spirituality soak into your bones and your mind. Let your spirit tell you what it’s happy for and thank God for his blessings. Or whoever your higher power may be. I hope you have a higher power, because if it’s just us, living and dying, there’s not much sense to that, is there?

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