Early Spring

I don’t know about you, but I can seem to feel a shift in the air when a season changes. I felt that shift a week ago Friday. I went out to walk the dog and there was something different about the air, the sunlight. The scent of earth under the sun was heady, the air was lighter. It was still cold and the wind hurt my ears, but the shift was happening.

Since then, there are robbins everywhere it seems, along with other song birds I haven’t heard in months. The pairs of cardinals I’ve been seeing, have suddenly disappeared. I hope they are nesting and soon we’ll see baby cardinals! Which I’ve actually never seen, or not known that was what I was seeing! A few tufts of grass are turning green and some of the tree branches appear to have tiny buds here and there. Haven’t seen any crocus, daffodils or forsythia yet, but I’m sure they’ll come soon.

Walking Joe this morning, I smelled the distinct odor of a skunk! Hopefully we won’t come across any on our daily walks! The Sandhill Cranes have been flying over and they are wonderful to see and hear! I watched yesterday as two sets of them, merged into one huge arrow shape as they flew north east! It made me wonder how they decide who is in charge each day and how that flight pattern is going to go! Nature is incredible and each spring is an exciting time for me to experience the unfolding of nature.

A good friend of mine, Mary Conner, takes amazing photos of plants and flowers as they bloom. She posts them on her Face Book page and I encourage you to check it out. She knows how to use the sunlight and clouds to capture the brilliant colors of Mother Nature in her photography. She also has an Instagram page called @blossomthymeflowers.

With spring on the way, motivation comes back, at least is has for me! Dawson and I painted the bathroom last Saturday and I continued into Sunday and Monday, painting the kitchen! It’s a pain, but you feel good once you accomplish something! Did a little rearranging of decor and put away winter things! Fresh scented candles have replaced the warm bread scents I use during the winter.

I hope the smells of spring, even the skunks, are motivating you and you’re taking advantage of the milder days and enjoying the sun!

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