Covid vaccine!

I’m wondering how many people have gotten, or are planning to, get the covid 19 shot!

I’ve been volunteering at the shot clinic in town since January! It’s actually been a lot of fun! Usually there’s more than 100 people that come for a shot at each clinic time!

It’s fun to see people I haven’t seen in a long time and also to volunteer with new folks I have never met! There’s been new friendships made, old ones rekindled and people that I was just acquaintances with, have become closer friends!

I’ve met many interesting people and heard some of their stories. Occasionally someone who has read The Dandelion Picker comes for a shot and will ask me about Dawson, or the book. A few have even asked me about my new book, Emery’s Promise!

Dawson sometimes volunteers with me and he enjoys it as well!

Last Saturday, there was a huge clinic day for the vaccine! Over 600 people came from all over Indiana! It was chaos, but controlled chaos! The day went fairly quick and it was pretty smooth!

Every Wednesday and Thursday, I spend four hours at the clinic and I look forward to it every week! It’s nice to see people coming together for the good of all. I know many people that refuse to get the shot and that’s ok, it’s an individual decision. Long term effects are unknown, the vaccine hasn’t been available long enough. I personally think that the vaccine is a good thing. I suppose we’ll all find out as time passes.

Volunteering makes me feel good. It keeps me busy for a little while each week. I make connections with people I otherwise would not. I am glad at the end of the day to have been a help to someone else.

Stay safe everyone.

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