Christmas Day 2021

Christmas Day! It means so many different things to everyone. Here we are. The pandemic is still going on. Things continue to change, evolve, even mutate, with the virus that is.

I hope and pray that science continues to battle this awful disease that has taken so many and seems to be continuing to grow, hurting and taking.

On a more positive note, the holiday season is shining brightly, folks are spending more time together and Santa seems to have hit a record for gift giving! Gifts are fun to get and even more fun to give. Especially now with all the hurt in the world.

As for my family and me, we had two full days of all being together. Reminicing, looking at old photos and remembering those no longer here with us.

Keep your loved ones close. Relish the moments, as we all come to find out, pass way, way too quickly.

Tuesday we will celebrate Dawson’s 23rd birthday. Wednesday will be the third anniversary of the crash that almost killed him. He has come so far, in so many ways. We are truly thankful and blessed.

Merry Christmas and joyful holidays.

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