Changes in the weather, and then some.

November has arrived! Halloween has passed, once again. It’s long been my favorite, even though I haven’t really done anything special to celebrate it for some years now! In our current home of 13 years, we’ve yet to had a Trick Or Treater show up at our door. But then, we live on a dead end street, behind a blanket of huge pine trees, so that’s to be expected!

The calendar of 2022 is quickly winding down, as Thanksgiving will be here in just a few weeks. The weather however, hasn’t seemed to have received the memo! Wednesday, it’s to be 75 degrees outside! I’m planning to once again, haul out my lawn chair and soak up the rays!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the season and looking forward to holiday times quickly approaching to spend with family and friends.

Some of you know, but most of you don’t, I had major surgery on Halloween. In the midst of my recovery, I’m finding myself bogged down with cabin fever and looking inward, as well as outward about what’s truly important to me and what can fall by the wayside, or change.

Health is nothing to take for granted, which we all know to one degree or another. But I have found being faced with a major health issue, that each of us has a different journey to follow and we must pay attention to the paths we can choose and who to involve in those paths that are either positive, or negative that affect our well being.

I am looking forward to the cozy season of winter, after I work on my tan one more time this week! Taking some time to breathe in and let go of old ideas. Taking time to learn new lessons and trying new things.

Enjoy this November, as it turns to December and brightly lit holidays. Hug the ones you love if they are near. Tell the ones you love them if they are far away.

Thank the ones who stand by you, offering endless support and care.

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