Almost June

May slid by quickly. Winter coats have finally been put away for the summer! Tank tops and shorts are becoming the daily norm. School’s out and Memorial Day weekend has just passed. Have you stopped to smell the roses of summer yet? The lilacs and daffodils are long gone already! What’s blooming in your yard,… Continue reading Almost June

Mother’s Day

Here we are at Mother’s Day already. This ‘holiday’ means many things to many people. Some women become mothers in a traditional way. Spouse, biological kids. Other mothers adopt. Some foster, but whether or not they adopt a foster child, they are acting in a mothers’ capacity to that child. Some women are mother figures… Continue reading Mother’s Day

Moving Through March!

March is in full swing! It came in like a lamb, but I’m hoping it goes out like one too and not a lion! All in all, we’ve had quite the mild winter! Except for the holiday storm that dropped the temperature to arctic blast! The robins are taking over my bird feeder, and I’ve… Continue reading Moving Through March!


June is rolling by quickly! I’ve finally had time to take a breath and write a blog! As I write and delete what I want to say, my mind is racing all over the place. There is so much to say about Pride Month I don’t know where to begin and keep it short. After… Continue reading JUNE. AKA, PRIDE MONTH

New Horizons

Spring is for sure on the way now. I’ve seen robins and heard many birds singing on my early morning walks. I’ve even seen rabbits looking for the bird seed by the feeder. I’m told they’re around all winter, but I rarely see them. The current situation in the Ukraine and Russia is throwing yet… Continue reading New Horizons

Practical vs. Impractical. Judging vs. Let It Be.

What’s the difference between practical vs. impractical? I hear talk about that a lot. There’s common things, for instance, don’t drive on the roads during a blizzard. Or wearing sunscreen on a hot day. Don’t spit into the wind! But what about other things? Things, events, or situations we put ourselves in. What’s practical and… Continue reading Practical vs. Impractical. Judging vs. Let It Be.