But is it REALLY Spring?

The calendar claimed spring started on March 20th. Granted, we’ve had a couple of nice warm days. However, I’ve walked through snow flurries the last two days!

My one random little purple crocus is blooming in the front yard, but laying on its side, as if to hide from the wind and cold.

Birds are singing and I’ve even heard crickets and frogs. So come on already Mother Nature, give us those warm temperatures! We need to get to the days when we complain about the scorching heat!

I’ve noticed over the years, that when you get totally sick of a season and can’t take one more day of jackets and gloves, hats and boots, the sun suddenly becomes truly warm and the wind becomes a gentle breeze.

By the end of summer, you are tired of polishing your toenails to look good in sandals and crave a warm sweater and knee high boots and suddenly, that hot breeze, becomes a crisp cold blast of wind and the leaves suddenly change!

After the refreshing shift from summer to fall, we tend to not notice the colder and colder temperatures, because we’re looking forward to the big holiday season!

It does seem though, that winter lingers on a little too long sometimes and your mood seems as dreary as a late winter day. At least it does for me.

I’m looking forward to finding the natural energy that comes with the warming weather. Seeing the grass turning green and robins flying about, wild rabbits foraging for spring leaves and hearing the frogs and crickets, remind me that Spring is the time when the earth is re-born and everything is new.

This Spring has brought much strife across the world with all that is happening in Ukraine and Russia. So while I’ll enjoy this new season, I will be praying for those suffering for issues they did not cause. Hope must endure and helping others should be our goal.

Appreciate the beauty of the season we are coming into. Think and pray for those who aren’t able to celebrate a new season.

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