Here we are in August! Again! The months and seasons fly by faster every year it seems!

I hope you’ve all been soaking up this HOT and DRY summer! I usually yearn for fall from the day the last leaf falls off the tree, til I put on jeans in September! But this year, AND last year, winter seemed to hang on for ages!

This summer has been very busy, lots of excitement and also lots of down time, hanging at my friend Cindy’s pool and laying on my lawn chair in the yard! I set Pandora on Jazz, or Blues, get out my sun screen, water squirt bottle, a bottle of water to drink and a great novel to read and enjoy the day! Roasting in the sun, watching the cats and dog laze around the yard!

It’s been nice relaxing between the busy summer events! Sadly, these hot days of sun worshiping seem to be quickly coming to an end! I’ve already decorated my house for fall and yes, Halloween! Hey, my house, my rules! Halloween is my absolute favorite and I can decorate for it if I want to! 🙂

Back in May, our Rachel graduated college, got married the weekend after that and Memorial Weekend, we took a week and moved her and her husband Kyle to Florida!

Other summer activities kept us busy and running about til last weekend!

Last weekend, we flew to Arkansas by way of South Bend and Chicago! This weekend was to celebrate Dawson’s nearly three year milestone of staying sober, following his game plan and each day, growing into the man he is meant to be!

In 2019, Dawson spent three months at the Capstone Treatment Center in Searcy, Arkansas. This Christian centered rehab has helped a few thousand young men in their battles with addiction to just about anything you can think of, as well as behavioral trouble, depression and anxiety.

If a client continues on the right path over two years following their Capstone experience, they receive a ceremonial sword at the yearly reunion held at the beautiful campus of Harding University. Dawson has been on his better path for almost three years now! He has done so well and we are so happy for him and proud of him!

The reunion is held every year in August and this was the first year we attended. It was so good to see people we knew from Dawson’s time there. We also met so many other parents who’ve been on journeys with their sons that took them to Capstone for help.

Truly it isn’t a group that should even exist, as we weren’t meant to fall so far down in this world. But we have. So there are places like Capstone to help, which has been a life saver.

I’m so blessed to be a part of the Capstone community however and I have made lifelong relationships that have been so supportive and I know they always will be.

Please go to my Dandelion Picker page on Face Book to see a few photos from the ceremony. Dawson couldn’t have been happier to receive his sword! He’s doing very well, working at the Home Depot in Logansport. He works out at the gym in Logansport as well and has quite the impressive muscle physique going on! He’s happy, healing and forming healthy relationships with those around him.

Rachel is knocking it out of the park in Sarasota and she, Kyle and the kitties are enjoying the sunshine state! See my Patricia Ploss Face Book page for wedding photos!

School has started around here and I find myself longing for the days of getting the kids up for school, waiting for the bus and hearing all about their days. It’s bittersweet and it reminds me once again to appreciate all the moments.

Oh, and one other note, I wrote a fourth book over the last month. It should be out soon!

It’s been a busy summer!

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