August prayer

August first. Here we are! As usual, summer has flown quickly. The harbingers of fall are already showing themselves! I’ve seen glimpses of red leaves on bushes and yellow ones already on the ground! The sun is taking longer to rise in the morning and the moon comes sooner in the evenings.

However I am enjoying all that the summer temperatures have to offer with visits to my friend Cindy’s pool! Floating the afternoon away, inspecting a firefly that decided to groom itself while sitting on my finger! It was quite educational and a blessing to observe an insect people enjoy, take care of itself with meticulous grooming! I tried several times to set it down on the pool decking, but each time, it walked further up my hand and wouldn’t leave! So I enjoyed those very interesting minutes!

Walking the dog through my neighborhood every morning, watching the sun rise, hearing the birds as they wake up and watching the moon move off is calming and reassuring that the world continues to move, no matter the circumstances we experiences.

Settling in for the night has me counting many blessings that are often beyond my comprehension. I end my day with prayer. I know some people don’t believe that prayer works, or believe in God. Each of us has the free will to believe in whatever we want to believe in.

For myself, I believe very much in God and I also believe there is power in prayer. I believe prayers are heard and answered in the way God knows is best for each one of us, even if we can’t understand it.

I believe situations, people and animals are placed in our daily activities so that we can learn and grow in one way or another. Sometimes these lessons are painful, both literally and figuratively! I’ve had experience with violent dogs over the years, but thankfully never too badly injured. I’ve also felt the pain of confrontation with people and fallout from different situations.

We learn, we grow. We hurt and we heal. Prayer helps me to take a step back and ask God for help and understanding. I also know I have close friends who are there for me, as I am for them.

Watching the world as Covid is once again surging, the Olympics taking unexpected turns and a new government finding its way, I feel like prayer is exceedingly important and helpful.

As we cruise into August with hotter temperatures on the horizon, along with shorter days and those turning leaves, take in those moments that remind you of how precious life is.

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