Almost June

May slid by quickly. Winter coats have finally been put away for the summer! Tank tops and shorts are becoming the daily norm. School’s out and Memorial Day weekend has just passed.

Have you stopped to smell the roses of summer yet? The lilacs and daffodils are long gone already! What’s blooming in your yard, besides oceans of dandelions! At least, that’s what’s taking over my yard.

The dandelion has perseverance, even in winter. Now they overtake summer, much like orange pylons on almost every road you travel! Even as the orange pylons allow for construction and improvements, dandelions provide food for the ever decreasing bee population. So even though we consider dandelions weeds, and try to eradicate them, if we do, the bees will also die.

Sometimes people in our lives seem like dandelions. They’re always there, asking for attention in whatever form comes their way. At times we can feel overwhelmed by their presence, wondering what more they want. They seem underfoot, demanding to be acknowledged. Often we wish to cut them away, never giving them another thought.

I challenge you to listen to the dandelions in your life. Just take a moment. Really look at the individual beauty your ‘dandelion’ has. Bright color, soft fragrance, sharing their ‘nectar’ and ‘pollen’ with those who need it. Perhaps dandelions aren’t weeds we think they are. Maybe they’re helping others behind the scene. If we dismiss them too quickly, we miss the positives they spread in the world.

Slow down, June is nearly here. Take in the colors, scents, HOT temperatures. We are only blessed with so many seasons in our lives. Gather your ‘dandelions’. See them. Hear them. Share your season with them. You never know when a dandelion is better than the sweetest rose.

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