Almost Christmas! And then a brand new year!

Once again, Christmas is fast approaching! Holiday celebrations are varied and constantly evolving around the world, so if Christmas is not your thing, perhaps it’s Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa! I know there are several other types of celebrations that take place around this time of year and we all welcome in a new year and hope for positive change.

I hope your holiday celebrations bring you close with family and friends. Perhaps you’ll attend a church service or celebrate the 8 nights of Hanukkah with a menorah on your table.

Whatever the holiday season means to you, I hope you celebrate it with consciousness and awareness of those you spend it with. Live in the moments of time spent with others and sharing the positive meanings of reaffirming what love means and a new year on the threshold.

The past few years have brought more conflict in this world that I could ever have imagined. I’m sure people said this in the days of the Civil War, WWI, WWII, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam, the Gulf War. The list goes on and on and senseless violence has brought our country to its knees in many more ways than one.

So this holiday season, think about what’s important. Remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can still be here to celebrate the holiday season. Find ways to pay it forward in remembrance of those no longer here. The feeling you get when you lend a hand, no matter how small the gesture is, not only brings help to those who are receiving your gifts, whatever they may be, but it reminds you that we are all human and should be lifting one another up.

As 2023 unfolds in just a few days, instead of making a solid New Year’s Resolution that you might feel so much pressure to keep, do the little things as often as you can. Perhaps by the end of 2023, you’ll look back and remember how lending a hand to someone in need helped them and made you a better person, living with conscious thought and paying it forward. Believe me, when you help someone else, it makes all our lives better.

Enjoy the sparkle and love of the season and pay it forward into the new year!

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