Patricia Ploss has long been a storyteller. At the end of 2018, her son barely survived a horrific car accident. Patricia then put his story to paper and became the writer she was meant to be.

Welcome to my website! I’m hoping to provide you with interesting topics to read about, as well as inspire you during this time of tidal wave sized change!

On this website, you’ll find different topics that have appealed to me on one level, or another, or things I find interesting that I’d love to have discussions about with you! Please feel free to suggest topics that we can talk about as well.

Change. It happens constantly, inevitably. Good and bad, change never stops. From change, my son has turned the page into a healthier chapter, albeit a long one of refocusing and navigating his life.

Through change, I discovered that I am a writer. Never believing it, having been told for years that I should write a book, I didn’t have the courage to do it. Until change ultimately pushed me to write the words that filled my mind and heart after my son’s accident, all that led up to it, and what’s happened since.

Change can be scary, but also exciting! After all, life is an adventure. We all have our stories and challenges throughout our lives that shape us, but also change us. How we cope and push through, builds our character and encourages us to help others along the way, as our paths intertwine and lending a hand becomes a natural instinct to help others when we can.

I hope my website is encouraging to you and that you’ll join me along the way! I also have two Facebook pages, Patricia Ploss and The Dandelion Picker. You can find me on Instagram as well, under Patricia Ploss.

On my website, you’ll also find the link to Amazon where you can purchase a copy of The Dandelion Picker and view my three other books as well. The Dandelion Picker is a memoir and the other three are novels!

The Dandelion Picker. A personal memoir of my son’s journey through drug addiction, a horrific car accident, struggles with moving on and finding his way, told from my point of view as his mother.

Emery’s Promise. This is a novel about an independent woman, who finds her way after a personal loss, with a dangerous man stalking her and a romantic interest that might cost her her life.

Letting Go. This novel is based on the true story of the young woman who gave me up for adoption at birth. As I truly don’t know much of my birth parents’ story, I pieced together the few facts I do have and spun their tale.

Another’s Child. This novel the story of my parents’ journey to adopting me. This book is based on facts and stories I was told throughout my life. My parents passed away fifteen years ago, so much of the story came from old photographs, memories and my imagination. I hope they would be pleased.

Going Home. Millie Parker found herself taking over her father’s veterinary clinic when her dad retired, and he and wife Carolyn moved to Florida. Millie’s life was on track, a profession she loved, established clientele, a great staff to work with, and old friends to reconnect with! As she settled into her childhood home, pursuing her lifelong dream to follow in her father’s footsteps, Millie expected to be happy!

Patricia and her husband of twenty four years, Tony, live in North Central Indiana. Their son Dawson lives with them currently, along with their yellow lab, Joey Tribbiani, (yes, after the character on FRIENDS), and cats, Thackary Binx, (yes, from Hocus Pocus) and Gary! Daughter Rachel, lives in Florida with her husband Kyle.