A New Book and A New Look!

I’m happy to announce, that my 4th book, ‘Another’s Child’, is soon to be released, available on Amazon and also to order from places such as Barnes and Noble and Books A Million. I will also have them available for purchase at ACE Hardware in Winamac and the Montgomery Mercantile in Francesville!

This new book is the story of my parents’ journey to adoption. It’s a lot of fact, mixed with a lot of fiction! Of course I have several facts regarding my adoption when I was an infant, as well as things my parents told me about their difficult journey to adopt.

From what they told me all my life, what they wrote in my baby book, made especially for adopted children, memories I have and observations I made, I spun their tale as best I could.

I only wish they were still here to read it. I think they would have liked it.

The other change I’ve made is to my hair! Obviously! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve colored my hair, trying to chase the grays away! I finally decided to embrace the grays, by highlighting with a lot of blonde! I mean, why not you know! It’s fun and I like it, I don’t freak out now when I see yet another gray hair working it’s way through the brown!

I hope you’ll find a good read in my latest book and have enjoyed the first three!

Thank you so much for your support!

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