A Moment in Time

We all have moments in time that we can pull from our memories instantly. Those moments of extreme emotions that range from pure joy, to devastating loss.

I bought a sign a few years ago that reads, ‘We remember moments, not days.’ It’s a common sign at gift shops and online as well. We say it in conversations when we’re at events, or talking of the past.

It has turned out to be a true statement. The mundane order of days on end of work, school, chores, whatever it is that drives your daily routine, can all blend in. Until there is a ‘moment’.

Whatever that Moment is, we log it in our memory bank and look back at those moments that pivot our lives in different directions. Whether it’s ‘good’, or ‘bad.’

Sometimes we reach for those memories of Moments when we are feeling lonely and sad. Moments that brought happiness and laughter that help lift our spirits again.

Other times, the Moments that we recall, can have us blistering in frustration and anger. Moments where we have felt wronged, hurt, betrayed, or unheard. those Moments can have 20/20 hindsight with ‘coulda’, ‘shoulda’, ‘woulda’ replays. How is it in a serious discussion, you come up with better responses long after it’s over!

Many times, we don’t realize a moment is a Moment, until it’s gone from our grasp and over. Remembering them later, we then learn to cherish them in our hearts.

Lately in my family, we have had Moments with our daughter Rachel. Her past four years of college have flown by, as they do.

Yesterday, she graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in the field of Philanthropic Studies. There were several Moments that scattered memories of her past graduations and school years across my mind. The years have slid by so quickly and yet, her journey to help the world in the non profit sector is just beginning.

This is the season of graduation from preschool, to college. I know so many of us have children, or even ourselves, that are graduating from schools of all kinds. Be sure in the hustle to get to the ceremonies on time, dressed in the appropriate robe, mortar boards on correctly, to look around. Take in the joy the other families are experiencing with their loved one who’s marching up the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance, or whatever music might be playing. Smile at everyone around you. Congratulate and clap for each individual that has achieved this difficult goal. School is challenging to us all on one level or another. Be respectful and proud of those who are making the world a better place.

Next weekend will be filled again with once in a lifetime Moments for our family when Rachel marries her one and only, Kyle Hettinger. I look forward with anticipation of the joining of their lives. I’m excited for the moments of the ceremony, a first dance and all the details that have been so carefully planned. I hope to LIVE in all the Moments and not rush it too quickly!

There is much reflection and savored memories that richly frame my life. There are Moments in the every day and implore you to seek them out, so when there are bigger Moments, you’ll recognize them.

Congratulations to all those who are graduating now in 2022! Follow your goals and live your lives to the fullest.

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