A busy week and quiet weekend!

This past week has been busy, with a few different things added that I didn’t particularly expect!

The covid shot clinic is winding down a bit and soon to be moved to the health department in May! I was blessed to run into several folks I haven’t seen in awhile, which is one of the several perks to volunteering at the clinic! I was also able to have in depth conversations with some of my fellow volunteers! You simply never know what you might learn, or be blessed to become involved in, each and every day!

Yesterday, I met with Kyle Rans, of the Rans Funeral Home in Royal Center to discuss pre arranging of funerals for my husband and myself. We all understand that this is one of the less enjoyable things in life. But it is necessary. Also, with those of us with children, we certainly do not wish to put this burden on them when the time comes.

It is surreal to discuss your inevitable end in a formal way. But we all know it will happen at some point!

After my meeting, I noticed the daffodils blooming in the parking lot. I saw little butterflies, green grass and heard the birds singing. I looked over at the hearse in the garage of the funeral home. I looked again at new spring life, all around me.

I became quite aware of the moments of the day. Of all the days we experience. Some of us more days than others. We never really know do we? It was a reminder to cherish and treasure the days we are given.

I took time to reflect on things as I drove home. I thought about family members who have gone before. Friends, famous people, young people and the elderly. I believe we are here to serve others and do our best at whatever we do. I also believe we are meant to enjoy life. There is so much beauty and so much to experience.

I would encourage you to look around you during this spring time. I know it’s cold and still frosty in the mornings lately. But if you look, you will see the brilliant green of the grass, hear the birds singing before dawn. Watch as the bunnies hop through yards and see geese making homes along the river.

Savor these simple, yet beautiful signs of life. There is so much death now and so much pain for every being on the plant. Be kinder than you think you should be. Don’t hide behind your mask when you pass someone. Greet them. Maybe they need a little kindness.

Notice the beauty of a spring morning, even the bright yellow of the dandelions.

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