A beautiful welcome to October!

Fall is my favorite season. I know many people feel the same way and relish the changes Mother Nature swirls about the landscape! I believe that the Midwestern part of the country has the very best of fall. Well, ok, perhaps the New England area has better leaves and also Salem, but, this is where we live and we don’t have it too bad!

October first has brought a beautiful day, filled with warm sunshine and a slight breeze. The birds are singing, and I’ve seen many deer, turkeys and other wild animals, enjoying the balmy weather while searching for food.

October has always been my favorite month, because Halloween is my favorite holiday! I don’t actually dress up and go to parties, but it’s always been a special sort of thing for me and I’m looking forward to entire fall season!

For many years, we packed up and headed out to the State Park for the Halloween weekend festivities. The kids always had a grand time and camped out there all weekend with family and friends! As I’m not any kind of camper, I’d enjoy the day and evening and come right home to my Tempurpedic mattress and indoor plumbing! Call me what you will, but I’ll always choose my home over sleeping in a small camper, or worse, on the ground where the spiders and other creepy crawlers live!

October brings the colors that inspire cozy sweaters, campfires, soups and cuddling with a warm blanket and a good book. The sun still reaches us and spreads warmth, but not like in July, when the pool is hardly cool enough to stop the sweating!

The evenings still bring the chirping of crickets, but other sounds are noticeable as well. The wind picks up some, you might hear an owl, the roar of combines near and far, as harvest begins and the farmers work endless hours to bring in their crops to feed the world.

The routines of school and busy activity calendars are back in full swing, after playing during the summer and kids are looking forward to Halloween and the rest of the holidays.

We seem to take more time in the cooler months, leading up to the holidays, to reach out to family and friends that have been scattered over the summer and relationships are strengthened and bring comfort like the warm blankets we seek when the chill arrives.

My house is decorated with fall florals, Halloween pieces and delicious scented candles. I’ve been watching some scary movies, or at least trying to find some good ones! Anticipating watching Hocus Pocus Two with my son when he can find the free time!

Fall is certainly the best season in my book! Gathering the ones I love close, as the weather changes and the holidays loom.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s display and blessings.

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